First Times with Sexy Suzy ;)

SEXY SUZY 😉 I’m just gonna peel the bandaid off right now. The first time you have sex probably won’t be as earth-shatteringly amazing as you expect. When you have sex for the first time with someone, it’ll most likely result in a little awkwardness. Definitely a lot of weird noises. Don’t worry too much, […]

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10 Steps to throw the best ‘Friendsgiving’

By Sophie Shelton Thanksgiving is a highly anticipated holiday in most households. It is a time for families to join together and celebrate what they are thankful for. It is also a time for people to stuff themselves silly with food. A time when most people realize that they can’t choose their families. Tensions can […]

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Photo by flicker user mrhayata

Fall Pep Talk

By Eva Andrews     School work is picking up and the haze of summertime is finally starting to disappear. This is the time of year many students begin to find their workload overwhelming. If that’s the case, seek out people like Mrs. Ida Turner Davis in the writing center and even talk to your advisor about […]

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