Salem Shout Outs!


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September 2015 Shoutouts:

“Way to go sophomore class! I think your skit had everyone tearing up at the end. I know it really hit home with me. -A junior who was in your position not so long ago” — 9/24

“Shout out to the Sights and Insights staff for getting the yearbook out. Looks great, guys!”
— 9/21

“Ashley Myles has hella cool hair. Like wow.” — 9/21

“Frances Evans is rocking being the junior fall fest chair!” — 9/21

“Shout out to the cafe staff for doing their best despite heavy workloads on occasion. We love you for feeding us.” — 9/13

“Shout out to Emma Battle for being fabulous! She’s always working. I respect her grind.” — 9/12

“Shout out to Lee Racut for being a precious human who’s always accepting of everyone :)” — 9/12

“I seriously admire Carly Caldwell for all that she does on campus. Can I be her when I grow up?” — 9/12

“Purva Trivedi is an amazing Fall Fest Chair. Thank you for all your hard work, Purva!” –9/12

“Nicole Shoults is super cool with getting the whole poetry slam team started. I really admire her for her courage to get that started. Keep going, girl. You got this!” –9/12

“Georgette Hamlett rocked her performance at Open Mic Night!” — 9/12

“Sarah Vick is an awesome editor!” –9/8