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The Salemite is Salem College’s campus newspaper. It is run by a staff of student writers, photographers, and editors.  It was converted to an online newsblog in 2010 and resumed its print publication in 2013.  The Salemite covers major events on Salem’s campus and in the Winston-Salem community, in addition to topics of interest to the Salem student body – including entertainment, advice, and campus lifestyle.

The Salemite has represented freedom of the press for Salem College since 1920.  It strives to be the “uncensored voice of Salem College” by providing students with a resource to express opinions and experiences in an open environment with no fear of repercussion.

2019-2020 Staff List


Join Our Staff

Positions on the staff are reserved for Salem College students.  This includes Fleer students, off campus students, and non-traditional students. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Submitting an application to join the Salemite staff will not guarantee you a position.  It is HIGHLY recommended that interested applicants submit writing samples for consideration. Writing samples do not have to be in the journalistic style –  they can be essays, research papers, or any other form of expository writing.

No experience in journalism is necessary to apply.

Click here to access the Salemite Staff Application! 



The Salemite currently accepts submissions by non-staff members in the forms of Letters to the Editor or creative writing.  Letters to the Editor should be no more than 500 words. Creative writing submissions of over 500 words may be partially published in print.

All submissions must be sent to salemite@salem.edu by the 18th of the month to be published.



The Salemite currently only accepts advertisements from members of the Salem College community.  Organizations wishing to advertise in the Salemite must submit their advertisement in the form of a high resolution image.

All advertisement submissions must be sent to salemite@salem.edu by the 18th of the month to be considered for publishing.

The Salemite reserves the right to reject or edit any submissions or advertisements that are deemed unfit for publication.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. cgleonard


    I’m a former editor-in-chief of the Salemite, I graduate in 2007. Just wanted to comment that I am really impressed by your decision to take the Salemite to a blog format. It’s great to see that in the four years since I left the paper, it has been moving forward. I heard a rumor that the print edition is no longer created. I didn’t know if it was true or not.

    Anyways, the paper looks great and if you need any help let me know. After Salem, I decided to go into newspapers and got my masters at Syracuse University in Newspapers, Magazines, and Online Journalism. I work in Winston as a freelancer and I’ve started my own social media marketing firm.

    Keep up the good work Salemites.


    1. thesalemite

      Thank you, cgleonard! As of the 2009-2010 school year, The Salemite is no longer in print. It had a website that year, and this year we made the transition to blogging. We are so glad you like it! Stay in touch!


      1. thesalemite

        Also, if you “like” us on Facebook, you will receive article updates and general information about Salem happenings. Search “The Salemite on WordPress” if you are interested!


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