The Staff | 2018-2019


Sophie Shelton

Assistant Editor
Katarina Radu

Copy Editor
Gaby Iori

Layout Editor
Olivia Chipi

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Spring-Serenity Duvall

Mary Daniels
Eden Hamby
Gabrielle Iori
Julia Jennings
Natalie Patterson
Denae Rabinette
Deanna Rohrer
Sav Franz
Sam Shaw
Verity Wilcher

Julia Herrera
Gabrielle Joseph
Sam Shaw

Dionne Boone

One thought on “The Staff | 2018-2019

  1. chelseic

    As a Salemite staff member during my time at Salem, I’m so psyched about all the changes that are already happening with The Salemite. I’m glad to see it finally finding its footing, and amping up its social media presence, too. I’m looking forward to this year’s issues. Can’t wait! (:


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