The Staff

Salemite Staff 2016-17

Kristen Maikoo

Assistant Editor
Lesly Luna

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Spring-Serenity Duvall

News & Politics Section Editor
Nicole Winks

Arts & Entertainment Section Editor
Eva Andrews

Campus Lifestyle Section Editor
Savi Ettinger

Kadia King
Tatiana Foote
Grace McDermott
Krys Gidtrey
Emily Ramser
Sarah Vick
Eva Andrews
Nicole Winks
Savi Ettinger
Kristen Maikoo
Lesly Luna
Sabrina Otero
Shea Bove
Alex Benson

Head Photographer
Katherine Williams

Jenni Scruggs
Julia Herrera
Ariel Becker
Oksana Ilyina

Social Media Manager
Utang Enyenihi

WordPress Editor
Alex Benson

Layout Editor
Sabrina Otero

Copy Editor
Shea Bove

One thought on “The Staff

  1. chelseic

    As a Salemite staff member during my time at Salem, I’m so psyched about all the changes that are already happening with The Salemite. I’m glad to see it finally finding its footing, and amping up its social media presence, too. I’m looking forward to this year’s issues. Can’t wait! (:


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