Approaching The Salemite’s Centennial


As we move into our centennial year, The Salemite hopes to reflect on the past century and feature Salem alumnae who have best exemplified what it means to be a Salem sibling. 

Before The Salemite there was The Ivy, which was stopped due to the Second World War. The founding of The Salemite and the details of the ending of The Ivy were announced in the November 1920 edition of The Alumnae Record, which stated that Salemites “decided to give it [The Ivy] up [so] that the paper which would have been used for it might be released for other purposes and that the money usually spent on it might be given to war work.”

When The Salemite was founded in November of 1920, the majority of the staff were returning members of The Ivy. The staff consisted of ten Salemites, led by Editor-in-Chief Marie Edgerton, class of 1921. Edgerton was a member of Salem’s YWCA and served on the cabinet, the Athletic Association, Cotillion Club, Western North Carolina Club as well as an SGA Representative, Senior Class Poet and Literary Editor for Sights and Insights. She graduated on Tuesday, May 31, 1921 with a Bachelor of Arts.

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