Lacrosse Opens Season with First Home Game


Salem College Lacrosse opened their 2019 season with a home game on Tuesday, February 19th with a 13-2 loss. This is the second year Salem College students have played Lacrosse as a collegiate sport participating in the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Emma Rose will lead the Lacrosse team as interim head coach this upcoming season.

Lacrosse 1.jpg


Despite the 13-2 loss to the St. Andrews Knights, the Spirits were able to take home two energetic points. The goals were made by attacker Logan Bowling and midfielder Coco Vladimery. The Spirits fought hard against the Knights and were able to return to the second half of the game with increasing pressure and presence.

Lacrosse 4.jpg

A considerable amount of Salem College students and fans came out to support their peers in their first home game. The dynamic cheers of these students echoed on the field and added to the overall energy of the game.

The Salem College Lacrosse team will continue to play home and away games throughout the 2019 Spring Semester. Games are free for Salem College students and the public.

Lacrosse 2.jpg

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