Salem Hosts Accepted Applicant Overnight


Salem College hosted the annual Accepted Applicant Overnight event on March 11 and 12. This year Salem welcomed roughly 30 students, a significant decrease from numbers in previous years. Students came from several different areas, including all parts of North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Students arrived on campus midday Sunday and participated in various informational activities, from the Student Activities Fair to informational panels. They then met up with their hosts and were able to share their first meal in the Refectory and attend a special performance of this year’s Salem College Pierette’s Spring Musical, 9 to 5.

The applicants on campus came from a variety of backgrounds. Kendall Place, a prospective transfer student from Raleigh, NC said of Salem, “I have already committed to Salem because I came here and fell in love with the beautiful historic campus and the friendly people. Everyone I have met here has been so nice.” Students also had the opportunity to sit in on real Salem classes ranging from Religion, Art and Science courses to show them what attending Salem may be like once they return to campus next semester.

Hosting applicants is also a rewarding experience for students already enrolled at Salem. Junior Sam Thurman said of her hostessing experience, “I love hostessing, to put it simply. Salem is my second home, and being able to share that feeling with a prospective, regardless if they want to go to Salem or not, is a wonderful experience because I can show them what “that one college” is supposed to be – at least in my eyes.”

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