Celebrating Spring!


Spring is here, folks, and you know what that means–giving up on reading, projects and midterms so you can lay in an exhausted stupor in a patch of daffodils, letting the earth open up and swallow your sweet, tired body. This is of course valid, but you can celebrate Spring in other fun ways–check out this list full of exciting ideas on how to make the most of the (objectively best) season.  

  1. Visit some gardens. Reynolda Gardens, right here in Winston-Salem is a popular (and free!) spot to enjoy flowers, including a variety of fancy roses. The gardens also feature several miles of wooded walking trails. Greensboro Arboretum (it’s in Greensboro) is another fun, free way to experience the artistic outdoors.  
  2. Visit your allergist. Do this right after #1. The flowers are blooming, the bees are pollinating, and that means it’s time to discover new things that you’re allergic to.  
  3. Eat all manner of fruits. Fruits in season during March, April and May include apricots, honeydew melon, jackfruit, mangoes, oranges, pineapple and strawberries. Personally, I think the Platonic ideal of fruit is the pomegranate, but no one asked, I guess.  
  4. Study in a different, nicer location. Tired of cramming in your dorm? Go outside and cram on Clewell Patio instead! If you’re looking to get some air off campus while still getting work done, try the balcony at the downtown public library, the outside seating of virtually any Starbucks, or any patch of dirt by the side of the road that speaks to you.
  5. Atone. Spring is the time of birth and rebirth, so it’s the perfect opportunity to think about all the things you have ever done wrong. All joking aside, you will die eventually, so don’t let the school year end on a bad note with anyone–apologize to the people you’ve offended, and if you are one of those special folks who have never made a mistake and go through life thinking the world owes you something, then throttle apologies out of other people instead.
  6. Flee. If you can’t confront your mortality or your flaws, run away from them. Wander.  Take off. Go to the beach, Salem Lake, Hanging Rock State Park, Pilot Mountain, or, if all else fails, Virginia.  (Though my source tells me that there is absolutely nothing in Virginia and you should not ever go, because you will die. This source is my mother.)
  7. Arts and crafts. You like art? You wanna do some crafts? Some handicrafts? Something artisanal? You want some art, huh? You want to do some crafty art? Huh?

You get it, folks. Spring isn’t just a time for studying, but also a chance to spend time with your friends, celebrating the renewal of life and the beauty of the earth. It’s also for studying. But you might as well make the most of the season. After all, the semester may be half over, but your life certainly isn’t. Yet.

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