Broke & Hungry: Best (Cheap) Unknown Places to Eat in Winston


Mama Zoe Michael’s

Located: 2859 Reynolda Rd.

I would sell my soul for some decent Greek food, but luckily instead you can just go to Mama Zoe Michael’s and get excellent Greek food for a good price instead. Amazing options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike from a french toast praline casserole (AMAZING), to a delicious gyro, as well as a large variety of bakery items you can buy at the front!

Cafe Arthur’s

Located: 1416 S Hawthorne Rd

I, for one, am all about the kitschy 50’s diner aesthetic, and Cafe Arthur’s has it down to a tee, from the black and white tile floors to the shiny red seating. The entire restaurant has an extremely genuine feel to it. They aren’t going to sell you a $15 artisanal cheeseburger, but they will give you a great burger with a killer side of okra for less than $7.

Taqueria Luciano’s

Located: Everywhere!!!!

This food truck is my absolute favorite place to get Mexican food in Winston–no debate. Taqueria Luciano’s is everything I want in food service–it’s not fancy, it’s cheap and I don’t have to sit down to eat it. It’s actually spicy, so if you’re used to Chipotle “spicy” then be prepared, but you can’t find better than this. Follow Taqueria Luciano’s Facebook page for location updates.

May Way Dumplings

Located: 113 Reynolda Village

The tiniest store in Reynolda Village, so if you ever find yourself going to Wake Forest University, I recommend stopping here! I personally recommend the sesame cold noodles, vegetable buns and taro bubble tea, but everything on the menu is amazing. There are a variety of meat dumplings, soups, cold noodles and bubble teas for very cheap. There is very limited seating but if you can grab a table, it’s a fun place to take a date or a friend that’s visiting you in Winston!

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