News in the World Beyond Salem


Taliban Attack in Afghanistan

BBC News reported on a Taliban attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018. The attackers filled an ambulance with explosives and detonated the bomb at a security checkpoint in the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The bomb killed 95 people and left 158 injured. The previous week, the Taliban carried out an attack at a Kabul luxury hotel and killed 22 people. These attacks are two in a series of strikes carried out by the Taliban in Afghanistan since May 2017.

US Immigration Bill

President Trump and Congress are still debating over the specifics of a new immigration bill. The Democrats were willing to approve Trump’s wall if he allows DACA immigrants to remain in the country. Trump does not agree to this plan and has proposed his own legislation, which would allow DACA participants to remain in the country and work their way towards citizenship. Trump’s plan also provides a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 1.1 million other immigrants, but it also calls for an end to “family-based migration policies,” demands a border wall, and requires a crackdown on illegal immigration, says the New York Times. The New York Times also reports that Trump’s plan was immediately rejected by Democrats, immigration advocates and some Republicans, who claimed he was trying to rid the country of immigrants and close the nation’s borders.

Lawrence G. Nassar Convicted

The New York Times gave an account of the trial of Dr. Lawrence G. Nassar. “I just signed your death warrant,” said Judge Rosemarie Aquilina to Dr. Nassar after he was convicted of numerous sex crimes. Dr. Nassar sexually assaulted over 160 young women during his time as the doctor of the United States gymnastics team, with more than 150 young women coming forward and confronting him in court during his seven-day hearing. Dr. Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for his crimes, in addition to the 60 years he is to serve in federal prison for child pornography charges.

Amazon Go

Amazon has made new technological advancements, opening the Amazon Go store in Seattle, Wash. on Jan. 22. The store allows customers to scan their phones at the door before entering to shop. The customers are able to pick up what they want and through motion sensors, Amazon is able to detect exactly what they got. The products are then automatically charged to their Amazon account, eliminating the need for checkout lines. Along with the store, Amazon has also partnered with Toyota and Ford to put Alexa in cars, which will allow drivers to do things like get news updates, create shopping lists, connect to their home systems, and control their garage door while driving.

Cape Town Water Scarcity

Cape Town, South Africa faced a problem with their water supply earlier this year after a long drought resulted in a massive water scarcity. The government had to turn off the water supply to homes and businesses to preserve the little amounts they had. Water was still provided in places like schools and hospitals, but citizens had to line up to get rations of water for their homes. On Friday, Feb. 9, rainfall finally came to Cape Town providing some relief. However, the city still faces the challenge of trying to provide water with so little rainfall occurring there.

Summit in Korea

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in to a summit in Pyongyang. This was the first summit between the two nations in over ten years, according to BBC News. President Moon hopes the talks will ease the tension between the two countries after North Korea launched multiple nuclear missiles last year. A correspondent for the Washington post reported hearing Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, express her hopes that the talks will lead to “unification and prosperity in the near future” for the two nations. The Trump Administration is cautious of North Korea’s friendly behavior and worries that it may be a ploy by the North Korean government. They have warned President Moon of their concerns, but he is optimistic for the future.

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