Safety First!

Welcome back to Salem, sexy Salemites. I hope all of you lovelies are having a wonderful Jan Term- relaxing, taking some time for yourself, maybe making some time for that special someone (or someones). So, let’s talk about the sexiest kind of sex of all – safe sex.

There are plenty of ways to have safe sex – think of all the different positions, darlings. But for the sake of time and space, let’s talk about condoms and dental dams.

Commonly used between a penis owner and a vagina owner or two penis owners, condoms are a barrier method that can prevent both pregnancy and STDs. According to Planned Parenthood, in a perfect world condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy.  However, this world is far from perfect – the efficacy of condoms drops to 85% when incorrect use is factored in.  Always make sure that a condom has been stored correctly (in a cool, dry place away from sunlight) and applied properly (rolled down the shaft with a bit of space left at the tip) before skin-to-skin contact. Planned Parenthood highly suggests the use of extra birth control methods to keep yourself from getting pregnant in the event of incorrect condom use.

A dental dam is a barrier method for oral sex involving the anus or vagina. They’re harder to find than condoms are, so the CDC suggests making your own with a condom.  After opening the condom, snip off the tip of it and cut down the length of the condom. You should have a strip of latex that you are able to place over the vulva or anus to initiate safe sex.

Thanks to our world’s obsession with phallic symbols, condoms are not hard to find. In fact, on Salem’s campus alone, there are free condoms in almost every dorm bathroom, as well as the health center. They are also available for free at most health centers, including Planned Parenthood.  

Condoms and dental dams are the only type of birth control that protects against STDs and STIs, meaning that if condoms are not expired, free of holes and used correctly, then they are effective at preventing the exchange of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Some partners may say that safe sex is a hassle, however, I have two things to say to that. One, it’s not as hard or as inaccessible as porn makes it out to be; it’s actually pretty damn simple. And two, if they’re refusing to use birth control when you want to, drop them like they’re hotter than they actually are.

Stay safe, kiddies.

Sexy Suzy

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