The Zodiac & You: October Romance and Relationships

Fret no more, siblings! If you’re having trouble finding, or keeping, a significant other then take the advice given here into consideration. Let these insights into other signs’ romantic tendencies guide you to the right affair, fling, or committed relationship.


Asking an Aries on a date can be intimidating, however if you’re going to let your timidity show you may as well give up the date entirely. Aries prefer an extroverted and action-packed lover to match their fiery attitude. If you’re dating an Aries be sure to shower them with compliments, but beware, they can easily tell the difference between insincerity and honesty. An Aries will appreciate a long date that includes many different activities. I wouldn’t suggest just taking them to a movie and ending it there. When dating an Aries, it’s wise to know your boundaries and let them take charge – an Aries does not do well with orders and authority.

Ideal date: Sporting event, or anything active and long-running


A Taurus is careful to not rush into love, and they expect their potential partner to make the first move. Don’t mistake this as a declaration of shyness. When courting a Taurus, be sure to reveal your comedic side. They appreciate anyone who can make them laugh. A Taurus appreciates money and possessions, so if you’re planning on gifting them don’t skimp on the price. A Taurus will want to talk while out on your date, so let them boast to you about their prized possessions. This doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate hearing about your most expensive objects.

Ideal date: Gourmet restaurant


Gemini despise people who try and match their intellectuality, yet appreciate someone who knows how to hold an intelligent conversation. While a Gemini knows everything, they still enjoy being taught. These people adore others who speak with honesty and brashness. Gemini love discussing anything intellectual, but don’t let them fool you – they love gossip just as much. If you can make a Gemini laugh, consider yourself already one step ahead of the rest of their lovers.

Ideal date: A walk in the park, anywhere quiet enough to hear conversation


Cancers are vulnerable lovers who are empathetic and highly emotional. Cancers love praise since it boosts their fragile self-esteem. When ready, a Cancer will give themselves fully over to you, however it may take a while since they tend to delay commitment. This is simply out of fear, but if you show determination and commitment, they’ll come around. Be careful not to cross Cancer. They can hold a grudge for a long time and they are last to forgive and forget.

Ideal date: Arts or a cultural event


If you ceaselessly adore a Leo you’ve already won their heart. No other sign appreciates compliments as much as Leo, so much so that they won’t be able to detect any insincerity in your voice for they already consider themselves that great. A Leo date will expect a good time, maybe with a little chaos thrown in. Be funny when courting a Leo, they love to laugh. When planning your first date make sure to go all out, Leos always expect the very best.

Ideal date: Cocktail party


Don’t try to overpower a Virgo when seeking their affection and approval. While they enjoy discussing with people who are smarter than them, they don’t enjoy people who boast. Virgos pride themselves on their good taste and attention to their own health. They’re also very private people, so think twice about the questions you’d ask them on a first date. Speaking of first dates – a Virgo will probably plan the date themselves considering they will worry too much if you were to do it.

Ideal date: A movie


Libras exist to be admired. If you’re trying to catch one, make sure to complement and adore them constantly. Libras are great conversationalists with many interests, but you don’t want to interrupt them while they’re speaking. Their favorite topic is themselves. To impress a Libra, you must act with class and taste, but still know how to throw a good party – a luxurious one at that.

Ideal date: A themed party


Unpredictable Scorpios may be hard to get along with whenever you first begin dating, but bear with them. They will always listen to whatever you must say with full attention, but will expect the same from you. Scorpios are constantly curious and will supply your relationship with many excitements. To gain even an inkling of a Scorpio’s attention, you must be a successful and driven person – they don’t like to mingle with people who aren’t like them. Scorpios are extremely prideful and serious, so they can’t take a joke.

Ideal date: Anything recreational


Relationships with a Sagittarius are playful and easygoing. They’re interested in most anything, so whatever you bring to the table as an individual will almost always be satisfying. Sagittarians enjoy animals, sports and just being outside in general. However candid they seem, they’re still a private person. Don’t pry too much into their life. Instead let them come to you with the details.

Ideal date: Hiking, going to the dog park


Capricorns may seem aloof and un-open in the beginning, but don’t let this scare you away. Once you dig deeper, Capricorns are highly intellectual and interesting people. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative with a Capricorn. If you should decide to pursue a Capricorn, consider their conventionality and seriousness. Always, always, always, be on time with a Capricorn. If timeliness and organization aren’t your things, steer clear.

Ideal date: Bookstore, coffee shop


No one makes friends as easily as an Aquarius. Chances are you already know an Aquarius you really enjoy. Aquarians are courteous and compassionate which is probably why their friend group is so vast. These people aren’t very good at taking hints, so don’t expect them to make the first romantic move or to know what you’re feeling or thinking. When given a direct decision they typically retreat, which is odd considering they’re decent at decision making on their own. This is the reason solidifying a relationship can be difficult for them.

Ideal date: A museum, a place where they can be sociable


Pisces are true patrons of the arts. They enjoy theater, poetry and film. Amongst that, they are also interested in the supernatural and mystic side of the Universe. Pisces enjoy motivated and ambitious people who can manage to see the bright side of everything. Pisces enjoy teaching their lovers new things, so come to the relationship with an openness you perhaps didn’t have before.

Ideal date: Palm reading

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