Salem College Dance Company: A Turning Pointe


Beginning this semester, the Salem College Dance Company (SCDC) is taking on a new perspective. The company’s current Vice President, Shea Bove, says that “the line between the student run organization of the company and the dance department has always been blurred. We are trying to clarify the differences and strengthen the presence of the company.”

The company wanted to work to find dancers willing to fully commit their time, energy and passion to the Company and its mission. Bove shared that “instead of just having an audition for the Fall Concert, we held a separate audition for the company itself. The company is going to try and have a larger presence on campus with committed members who may not necessarily be in the dance department, but are dedicated to committing their time and energy into dance.”

Cassey Wyatt, a Salem alumna and dance teacher at Salem Academy, held the audition for the company members and is choreographing the company piece in the Fall Concert.

Bove says that the company is “trying to make the Salem College Dance Company a more professional student run organization made up of committed members that are ready to invest their time into dance” and that they will work to “have a more active presence on campus outside of the fall and spring concerts. We will also have a specific company piece in the Fall Concert.”

Make sure to catch members of SCDC, as well as other Salem College dancers, at the Fall Faculty & Guest Artist Dance Concert on Nov. 30/Dec. 1 at 7:30 and Dec. 2 at 2:00.

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