Meet Your New Interim Director of Student Activities


Salem has hired a new interim Director of Campus Activities, Dr. Alan Mueller. Mueller, who prefers to be known simply as Alan, replaced the former Director of Campus Activities, Emily Long, following her acceptance of the position of Director of the First-year Experience at Bucknell University.

Mueller oversees many operations including orientation and campus activities like Fall Lawn and Silent Disco. He is the advisor of the Campus Activities Board (CAB), and the unofficial manager of the Student Center. Mueller also offers support to any clubs on campus.

Mueller shares, “One thing I am very passionate about is helping clubs be better at being clubs.” Mueller hopes that club leaders will see him as a valuable resource for perfecting their organizations.

Mueller is a member of two fraternities; the first being Kappa Kappa Psi, a fraternity for college and university band members, and the second Iota Phi Theta, a historically African-American fraternity. According to Mueller, “being a member of Iota Phi Theta has been very educational for me and has deepened my commitment to fighting racism, to intercultural competence and all those things that are important in higher education.” Mueller is very proud of his ability to bridge a cultural divide and create trust in the Iota Phi Theta community.

In his spare time, Mueller performs as an improv comic at the Idiot Box Comedy Club in Greensboro. He finds that it is a great opportunity to let loose and just be silly for a while. He also loves attending Drum and Bugle Corps competitions with his daughter. Mueller describes Drum and Bugle Corps (DCI) as “marching band meets fanatical Marines, meets track and field, meets Broadway,”.

Since his start here, Mueller  has been working hard organizing some amazing events for Salem. Despite the rigor of his work, he still finds time to stop and say hello to colleagues and students around campus.  “He’s always welcoming and has a smile on his face.” says Shalondra Brown, president of the Asian Student Association. “I think he’s really putting his foot forward with this job and making our experience the best it can be.”

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