Artists Unveil Exhibitions in the Fine Arts Center


On Friday, September 15 the works of Barbara Frank, Emily Clare, and Delilah Rose Knuckley began their exhibition in the Elberson Fine Arts Center. This was the first artists’ reception of the Fall semester and the pieces will remain on display until October 13. Barbara Frank, whose paintings are displayed in the main gallery space, gave a presentation on her work the evening of the reception.

Barbara Frank’s installation, titled True Life Stories Turned Into Images and Essays, is comprised of drawings, paintings, collages, and essays guided by her experiences, dreams, interests, and knowledge, featuring allusions to neurobiology and biblical stories. Emily Clare’s New Drawings, inspired by the Australian Poinciana trees, create abstract worlds or scenes interpreted differently by each viewer. Delilah Rose Knickley’s exhibition consists of sculpture, screen print, and gouache, and is titled dominium eminens. According to their artist statement, these pieces are meant to explore “texture, possibility, and myth, responding to the ability of mankind to enact fatal blows to the environment, in tandem with ancient ingenuity and resourcefulness in harmony and engineering.”


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