African Student Organization to promote cultural awareness



On May 1, 2017, Salem’s newest multicultural organization, the African Student Organization (ASO) was approved by the legislative board. The club’s purpose is to promote the various African cultures, traditions and heritages to Salem College and the greater Salem community.

It is a priority of the ASO to promote a social dialogue and inclusiveness among the students that are a part of the diverse African community on Salem’s campus as well as any other students that show an interest.

Jacqueline Lockhart, secretary of ASO, stated that,“The founding of ASO will definitely be a great asset to Salem. It will hopefully provide a safe space for students who identify as African or for those who just want to expand their knowledge about their specific heritage. I look forward to helping this club grow in the fall semester and to fostering new relationships with students and staff on campus.”

ASO aims to enhance students’ college experience by providing the opportunity to learn more about African cultures. Future events that are currently planned include various educational panels, fashion shows and a food festival that would bring students together to celebrate African cultures. The board members of ASO anticipate collaborating with other clubs and organizations on Salem’s campus as well as other local colleges in the Winston Salem area.

You can reach out to ASO board members Rokia Tounkara, Saron Berhane, Jacqueline Lockhart and Hawa Conteh if you have any further questions.

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