The JanTerm Experience: Embracing Kauai

By Jeniffer Padilla

We were offered the glorious opportunity to go to Kauai, Hawaii for our JanTerm course this year. There, we were able to explore many different beaches, mountains and canyons. We took part in activities, such as snorkeling, surfing, boogie-boarding, hiking, yoga and morning walks/jogs to contribute to our wellness exercises. We were also able to contribute to the community through a remarkable food pantry directed by a local church, Church of the Pacific. This unbelievable cause takes place every Wednesday of the year and this amazing organization is able to feed hundreds of people and deliver tons of free and organic food to two distinct parts of Kauai. It was such a moving and empowering feeling to be a part of this ongoing event.

We did our absolute best to embrace and keep the culture alive with every activity while having an open mind to everything else offered to us. Words cannot explain how beautiful this experience was! Kauai taught all of us to enjoy what is offered and created at the moment and to embrace the greatness of living in the present.

I am extremely grateful for the ability to fully connect with this mesmerizing island of Kauai and with its people, but most of all, I appreciate experiencing the greatness and joy of the real “Spirit of Aloha.” This is a trip that I personally hope keeps being offered and that I highly recommend to my fellow Salem sisters.

This trip would never have been possible without our driven and dedicated professors: Susan Harding, Betsy Prior and DeAnne Brooks. Their perseverance and commitment to our well being has been astonishing and has completely made an impact on all of us. Mahalo, to everyone that was a part of this course and those that worked to make it happen once again!


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