10 Steps to throw the best ‘Friendsgiving’

By Sophie Shelton

Thanksgiving is a highly anticipated holiday in most households. It is a time for families to join together and celebrate what they are thankful for. It is also a time for people to stuff themselves silly with food. A time when most people realize that they can’t choose their families. Tensions can run high – especially considering the recent Presidential election. It is nice to fall back on our friends for comfort and to experience new types of foods because we all come from different backgrounds and have different Thanksgiving traditions. Friendsgiving is the perfect way to do this. Here are the 10 steps to throw the perfect Friendsgiving.

  1. Send out invitations – Find out who is on the invite list and use either your DIY skills to make a cute invite or your technological abilities to create online invitations. Or just send out a groupchat.
  2. Make a food list – Plan out what foods will be served. Make sure to account for special diets and allergies.
  3. Assign jobs – Who is in charge of invites? Buying the food? Making the playlist? Make sure everything gets covered by assigning jobs to your guests.
  4. Pick or rent out a space – Find a place that you have control of for the day, remember to have ample time to fix, serve and eat the food and access to heating devices.
  5. Buy/make decorations – Decorate the space with festive decorations such as table settings, banners and, of course, lots of leaves and pumpkins. If your location is on campus make sure not to light any candles because that is a fire hazard.
  6. Make a jammin playlist – Survey your friends and add everyone’s favorite music. (Go ahead and sneak in a Christmas song. You know you want to.)
  7. Buy that food – If everyone chips in it will be a lot cheaper- plus buying the food together is always fun!
  8. Prepare as much as possible in advance – You don’t want to be running around last minute the day of trying to prepare food and decorations so try to made the food beforehand and heat it up the day of. The same goes for decorations – it can be a fun way to hang out with your friends before the day of too!
  9. Make the food – Put down the Ramen and make some legitimate food. Just be careful and do not burn down the dorms. Make sure to make enough for all of the guests coming.
  10. Enjoy every second of it – It might be stressful, especially if you are the one hosting, but the food is going to taste so good, the music will be great, the decorations picture-worthy and you get to spend valuable time with your amazing friends and Salem Siblings.

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