What’s your major? Don’t Panic.

Ah, as the midterm panic seems to have settled and the cooler air comes strolling in, that magical thought might hit you. Nope, I’m not talking about the “Is it finally sweater weather?” It’s about your major.

Majors are probably the reason we’re here, right? From Arts Management to Math we have it all here at Salem. High five if you’ve already found your love or loves if you’re a super cool double/triple major. That’s awesome! I also want you all to keep in mind that if you don’t have one picked out, it’s 100% okay. Do not stress my friend. Unless you’re graduating in May. Then maybe stress a little. However, to everyone else, take a deep breath. I, too, struggle with the magic of not having found my true major. I have seen the hometown side eye when I announce my lack of major and everyone seems to go into this frenzy and crazy talk of the “eight year college plan.” I went from being the girl who had her life seemingly together to a woman who has no idea of what she wants to be when she grows up.

My advice is to take a diverse amount of classes, find one that sparks your interest and run with it. Will it be hard? Yes, but oh dear reader, it seems that those who have found theirs don’t mind the strife. So, I challenge you to look around, take risks, and dig deep within to find the magical major that suits you. Don’t forget to be patient not only with the process, but to yourself.

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