Sexy Suzy on Consent

Hello again, my sexual goddesses and gods.
Today I want to take some time and talk about the sexiest action anyone can do for their partner. It’s sexier than any Orange is the New Black. It’s way sexier than brand new pair of thong underwear. Consent.

It’s literally the most orgasmic word out of all the others. There’s something about both being consensual before anything happens. Always make sure you and your partner are 100% okay with what you’re doing. It’s never okay to assume if your partner is drunk, asleep, or unresponsive that they are cool with beginning a sexual adventure for the night because you and your partner both deserve to be consenting adults. Always be clear and open about what both of your expectations are. Naysayers will say asking before having sex is a buzzkill, but I promise it’s the biggest turn on.

However, keep in mind both of you can always say no even after giving the green light. If you or your partner feel uncomfortable or just don’t want to continue that’s completely okay. Neither of you should be pressured to give an explanation on why you want to stop. Your bodies are your own and no one should ever pressure you into feeling guilty or that you need to give an explanation of saying the magical word no. The word no has power and it is yours to yield whenever you feel you should. Please don’t ever feel ashamed of saying no, stop or leaving a situation if needed.

The most fantastic thing about consent is it doesn’t just have to do with sex. Consent is something that should be intertwined with many decisions you make. Always make sure you’re comfortable and consenting whenever you decide to do something.

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