Fall Bucket List


Illustration by Kadia King

By Shea Bove, Ta’tiana Foote and Sabrina Otero

Fall is here. The smell of crispy air, cool weather and colorful leaves make fall a wonderful time of year. There are many things that you can do during this fall season. Here is my list of fun things I love to do in the fall. See if you can put some on your Fall Bucket List:



  1. Take a fall picture in the leaves/roll in them
  2. Drink something with the word “pumpkin” in it
  3. Carve a pumpkin
  4. Go Apple Picking (it’s really fun!)
  5. Go on a hayride
  6. Travel through a corn maze
  7. Wear a turtleneck
  8. Write thank you cards to people who have helped you
  9. Pull out those brown boots (they match most fall outfits)
  10. Go to the mountains
  11. Embrace all the delicious food.
  12. Go on a Big/Little date.
  13. Write a letter.
  14. Try a new Pinterest craft.
  15. Make a wreath.
  16. Have a random dance party.
  17. Go see a movie.
  18. Go to a CAB event.
  19. Go to a haunted trail.
  20. Catch up on your favorite Netflix show.
  21. Bake something new.
  22. Find a study buddy.
  23. Find a new favorite music.
  24. Make a dream board.
  25. Learn to knit.
  26. Plan a scavenger hunt.
  27. Try something new.
  28. Go into a candy coma.
  29. Decorate with your room.
  30. Bond with your roommate.
  31. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  32. Try a new restaurant.
  33. Make a candy apple.
  34. Go to the Halloween Carnival.
  35. Start a blog.
  36. Take an adventurous walk.
  37. Tour Old Salem.
  38. Visit the Farmer’s Market.
  39. Take a mental health day.
  40. #TreatYourself
  41. Try a new hairstyle or color.
  42. Go to a concert.
  43. Meet some new people.
  44. Read a book outside your usual genre.
  45. Reread your favorite book.
  46. Start journaling.
  47. Make hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.
  48. Go to the fair.
  49. Step your hoodie game up.
  50. Survive the semester.

No matter what is on your bucket list, the most important thing to do this Fall is to do those fun things with people you love! Enjoy!

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