Why Having a Third Party Matters

By Ta’tiana Foote

Over the summer both dominant political parties chose the candidate that they wanted to represent them and hopefully later represent America as a whole. Sadly for Bernie supporters Hillary took the nomination for the Democratic Party and Donald Trump took it for the Republican Party. One of these two people will become our next president.

Many memes have come out making fun of the fact that neither candidate should win and we should just try again later to find a president. Both candidates seem to have bad press circling around them. So who should you vote for? If you are not partial to either candidate it is still possible to vote. In America we do have third party candidates and every vote can help those parties get more recognition.  Even if they do not win the election. Other ideas besides the standard Democratic and Republican responses can be and should be heard.

These other parties facilitate other decisions and viewpoints that you may share. There is the Independent Party (No party) whose candidate is Ed McMullen. The Libertarian Party has Gary Johnson running. The Green Party has Dr. Jill Stein as their presidential nominee. These are only three of the other numerous groups out there. Never heard of any of these people? Google them. Do your research and see which party’s views align with your own. You can make a stance for yourself and use your voice and vote to make a difference for you. The election might not end in your third party winning.  There is the acknowledgement of other candidates and the social move to include other parties in our system is growing. No matter who you vote for on election day, you should believe in that candidate—and then your vote mattered.

Libertarian Party

Gary Johnson

Presidential Nominee

Bill Weld

Vice Presidential Nominee

Green Party

Dr. Jill Stein

Presidential Nominee

Ajamu Baraka

Vice Presidential Nominee

Independent Party

Evan McMullin

Presidential Candidate

Nathan Johnson

Vice Presidential Candidate

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