Voting 101: Registration and Where to Go

By Kadia King

America has borne witness to one of its most contentious election cycles in the past year.  It is important to vote and let your voice be heard. Here’s some information you’ll need to get ready to cast your vote in November.

How To Register

You have to be registered to vote.  Registering is simple. Some states have online registration, but North Carolina is not one of those states. If you plan to vote here, you will have to fill out a registration form and send it to your county’s board of elections.  If you see a voter registration volunteer on campus, they will help you to fill out the proper paperwork and will submit it for you.  It is important to remember that these forms must be postmarked by Oct. 14 in order to be registered for the upcoming election.

There are some pros and cons to registering with your college address.  When you register with Salem as your address you will not have to return to your hometown to vote. To keep your right to vote in your hometown or home state you will need to cast an absentee ballot or vote early.  Keep in mind that requirements for absentee and early voting vary from state to state.


Photo by Kristen Maikoo

Voting Locations

It is important to know where you are registered because that determines where you are allowed to vote.  Voter registration records are open to the public. You can go online to check if you are registered and where your designated polling place is.

The polling place for those who are registered at Salem will be Piedmont International University.  On Nov. 8 there will be a shuttle taking students to and from the polling place.

Are You Registered?

To know if you are registered, check out the NC voter lookup.

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