Salem Traditions: Big & Little

By Alexxander Andersen and Jenni Scruggs

There are many wonderful traditions here at Salem College, but one of the most well-known is the tradition of Big/Little. It can be a scary experience whether this is someone’s first time getting a Big or if it is someone’s first time getting a Little. Despite the nervousness that many may experience while anticipating the wait to receive a Big or a Little, it is an enjoyable experience for many. You can just ask Emily Deare, a senior, or Berenice Rio, a sophomore.

For Emily, she says that when she was looking for Littles, she did not have a specific person that she was looking for. She knew that she would love them no matter what. However, for Berenice, she explains that she needs a person who is a little introverted and quiet to compliment her personality. Even though Berenice knew exactly what she was looking for, when she met Kiara Avery, her Big, she knew that Kiara was the one. Despite knowing the type of Big that Berenice wanted, she was still able to find a Big sibling who was perfect for her. In fact, looking back on their relationship, she recalls that her Big has been there for her, even during her first Fall Fest, helping her navigate that.

On bid night, Emily was not sure how she felt. She thought that it went really smoothly, and she was excited to meet the Littles that she picked. She picked a person, Jenni Scruggs, who she did not know. Even though Emily did not know her Little prior to bid night, she believes that they have a great relationship. Emily loves being a Big because she feels that it is the same relationship. The only difference is that she is now handing down all the knowledge she acquired over the years to Jenni.

Emily advises that new Bigs do not have to go all the way out. Deare says, “You can just invite them over for Big/Little dates. It’s being there for them. You do not have to be so extravagant. Don’t worry about one-upping other Bigs.” Berenice advises new Littles that they should not be scared about getting a Big. Rio explains, “Everyone is matched really well. Your Big is always going to be there for you and help make the first year of college go a lot smoother.”

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