I’ll Be Brief: World News Shorts

By Nicole Winks

Illustration by Kadia King

Hope of UK Home for China polar bear Pizza

Pizza, the lonely polar bear who is currently living in a Chinese mall may soon be moved to the UK’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park in which he will have much better living conditions.  The animal welfare charity by the name of Animals Asia began a petition to close Guangzhou’s “ocean theme park.”  If the park is closed and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park accepts Pizza then he will have better living conditions and will be able to live in a community with other bears.  Pizza is currently the only polar bear in the “ocean theme park.”

India prenatal gender testing adverts to be blocked online

In the future, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will be blocking online ads for gender determination tools in India.  This stems from an order from India’s top courts.  The reason being that India has one of the most unbalanced gender ratios in the world with boys outnumbering girls.  Prenatal sex determination scans via ultrasound were banned in India in 1994.  This does not stop people from finding out illegally.

Andy Hall: Thai courts find UK activist guilty of defamation

Andy Hall is a UK activist.  He was found guilty of defamation and computer crimes while campaigning for the rights of migrant workers in Thailand in the fruit industry.  He received a three year suspended sentence jail term and was fined approximately $4,300.  It is believed that Hall is being used as a scapegoat to silence other activists who work in support of the migrant workers.

DR Congo election: 17 dead in anti-Kabila protests

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo 17 people died during the protests that were calling for President Joseph Kabila to step down.  There were supposed to be elections for a new president in November.  People now believe that Kabila is postponing them in order to stay in power longer than the two term limit.  The DR Congo has never had a smooth transition of power in the 55 years since gaining their independence.

France burkini ban: Australian woman forced off Riviera beach

Zeynab Alshelh, a 23-year-old medical student from Australia who is also Muslim has spoken up about being forced to leave a beach in France for wearing a burkini.  Alshelh had traveled with her family to France in order to show solidarity for Muslim women in France.  It was illegal until more recently to wear a burkini in several French Riviera towns.

Syria conflict: US ‘outraged’ over aid convoy attack

The US government has expressed their outrage over an attack on an aid convoy near the Syrian city of Aleppo.  A war monitor indicates that this attack left 12 dead.  At least 18 of the 31 trucks were hit in the attack.  This convoy was intended to deliver aid relief materials for 78,000 people.

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