Gallery Hop: Feed Your Starving Artist

By Kadia King

Photos by Waceline Cius

On the first Friday of each month, Gallery Hop sets Winston-Salem’s art district alight in a blaze of creativity.  At Delurk Gallery, impassioned poets recite their creations to an earnest audience.  Eccentric art pieces dot the walls, giving the gallery an air of inspiration and innovation.  The B String guitar shop serves as a sort of watering hole for musicians, experienced and novice alike, to share their stories and ideas while browsing the selection of instruments.  A couple doors down, the Artworks Gallery features talented painters and sculptors.  One of September’s featured artists, Salem alum Mona Wu, uses Chinese influences in her pieces.

Downtown Winston-Salem is home to countless art galleries and studios.  The Art District is where painters, tailors, poets, and craftspeople come to display and sell their works to the community.  Musicians gather on the street to showcase their talents, performing jazzy improvisations on saxophone, guitar, violin, and voice, while event goers listen on and dance to the tunes.  Large, colorful structures in the Art Park serve as gathering spots and testaments to Winston-Salem’s dedication to furthering public interest in the arts.

Gallery Hop is a monthly artist showcase that takes place on Sixth, Liberty and Trade Streets from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m..  The streets are closed off for the night and businesses stay open for extended hours, allowing art-hoppers to hang out and wander freely from gallery, to shop, to restaurant.  

Even if you are not artistically inclined, going to Gallery Hop is a great way to get acquainted with everything downtown Winston-Salem has to offer. The Art District is filled with charming specialty shops and eateries where you’re bound to find something that catches your attention.  There are also a number of restaurants in the surrounding area that make for great hang out spots.  Many people come for the art, and many more stay for the delicious food and shopping.

Next time you’re aching to feed the starving artist in you, take the walk (or short drive) down to Gallery Hop!

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