ASA Regains Momentum

By Ta’tiana Foote

Photos by Julia Herrera

The Asian Student Association is an organization that started this year on campus. The organization’s purpose is to discuss and celebrate Asian culture. In the early 2000s, Salem used to have a similar club, however the current Asian Student Association has started from scratch. They are excited to plan and work with other cultural groups on campus. They are helping International Club with the International Dinner. Some of the members are going to be performing a Korean Pop dance and others are working on preparing food.

Sophomore Lorina Morton said, “It’s like a constant celebration of ideas, of practices, and differences in an environment that tends to drown out or simplify the cultures of Asian minorities.”

The organization is also planning to host origami nights and to have fundraisers throughout the year. Vice President Rabina Mainali stated that the main goal this semester is “to get ourselves recognized on campus through events that not only are fun but also educational about Asian cultures. We also want to create a safe and comfortable space for Asian students to come unify and discuss any concerns they are facing on campus.”

The executive board is highly motivated and aim to make their presence known. Shalondra Brown, ASA Secretary, hopes to gain new members “no matter their background or identity.” The Asian Student Association is for all to learn about Asian culture and become more aware.


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