New Campus Master Plan In Effect

By Eva Andrews

The Student Center is just the beginning of the Master Plan, which is set to be completed in 2040. The renovations of Salem College consist of renovations to Main Hall, reimagination of the Gramley Library, renovation of Corrin Refectory and Rondthaler Building, renovations to the residence halls, renovations to the inspector’s house, construction of new student housing, construction of mixed use development building, improvements to Salem Avenue boundaries, improvements to the field hockey and soccer fields, construction of a new parking lot near the fields, renovations to the lacrosse and soccer fields, construction of a new field house, additions and improvements to pedestrian walkways, expansions of the athletics gymnasium and office, and construction of a new science building and quad.

The Women of Purpose is the campaign used to finance the construction at Salem Academy and College. This campaign and many others are being used to raise awareness of Salem College’s presence in the Winston-Salem community, build relationship between locals and our college as well as spread its achievements and involvement with the community at large.


Anna Gallimore is coordinating and overseeing the Master Campus Plan (Photo by Ariel Becker)

Anna Gallimore, vice president for administration, has high expectations for the campaigns and the construction ahead that will lead to a more inclusive, accessible and open community. She believes that the Master Plan will “speak for itself,” once it comes to fruition.

The communityfaculty, staff, students, locals was invited to weigh in on the construction of the Student Center. Gallimore works as a staff liaison for scheduling and organizing efforts. Gallimore was assisted by Page French, who fulfilled Gallimore’s position prior to 2002. The two had the chance to work side by side in order to manifest the long-term project.

    Gallimore has been with Salem Admissions since 1999 after graduating as a Fleer student. Gallimore is the vice-president for administration, Title IX coordinator and the special assistant to the president. She works with different departments, including public safety, dining board and maintenance, and was a part of overseeing the construction of the Student Center, the tennis courts and McHugh Sisters Flats.

    The ongoing construction process does not exclude Salem Academy, which will undergo a reconstruction of the entrance drive, a new classroom wing, new housing facilities, renovation of weaver, expansion of the dining hall, renovations and expansions of current dorms, renovations to hodges, addition to the theater, expansion of the Maydell.

Salem Academy and College Master Plan from Digital Oven on Vimeo.

This video is a short tour sharing the future construction, maintenance and renewal projects on the beautiful campus of Salem Academy and College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

More information can be found at:

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