Incunabula Welcomes New Editor-in-Chief

By Emily Ramser

Senior Kayla Conway has taken over as Incunabula Editor-in-Chief for the 2016-2017 school year. Conway, last year’s Assistant Editor, took the place of senior Emily Ramser, the previous Editor-in-Chief, in late May. Ramser handed over the position following her decision to graduate early in December 2016 rather than May 2017. Ramser picked Kayla to replace her because of “her passion for literature and art” and “her willingness to step up and do what needs to be done.”

Sophomore Lorina Morton replaced Conway as Assistant Editor for this year. Additionally, the poetry, prose and assistant art editor positions respectively have been taken on by sophomore Rachel Ballard, senior Laraib Azmat the new prose editor and senior Nelly Gomez. Junior Ragine Smothers is the new event coordinator and first year Chloe Velasquez is the social media manager. Senior Amanda Blount remained the art editor.

The new staff has significant plans for Incunabula this coming year.

“This year’s staff has students from diverse backgrounds and different disciplines, which brings enlightening perspectives to every conversation we’ve had about how Incunabula can be improved or what they’d like to see the magazine accomplish on campus,” said Conway. “I’m super excited to see what they have to say when it comes time to publish the final magazine in the spring.”

Conway and Morton have already hosted one open mic night and are hoping to host another in October. They have also increased the magazine’s social media presence.

They created a Snapchat for the magazine, called “Salem College Incunabula.” During open mic nights, they “live snap” the event and post performances to their Snapchat story, allowing anyone who follows them to watch the event from anywhere.  

Conway is excited about Incunabula’s future.

“My main goal is to let people know that any form of creative expression they have is valid, not just traditional art, poetry, or prose,” said Conway. “I’d really like to get the word out that, especially on Open Mic Nights, that Incunabula is really here to function as an outlet for people who want to share their art, whatever that may be. From choreography and musical performances to spoken word, I want to showcase all the creativity Salem students have to offer.”

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