Senior Wills 2016

Having spent four years in college, seniors have gained insight that some of us might wish we had right now. A few members of this year’s graduating class took time to share their wisdom with the rest of the student body.

“Make the most of every minute you have at Salem. It is so easy to dwell on the negative things about college life (stress, lack of sleep, assignments on top of assignments, etc) so much that you forget about the wonderful things about college. College is the time to embrace new things, make new friends, have fun, laugh, act silly, be fearless, and cherish every moment with your Salem Sisters. It wasn’t until this year, my senior year, that I realized how much the Salem Community means to me. I would not be who I am today without my Salem Sisters and my professors. You only go to college once. Don’t take your experience at Salem for granted. Salem may not be perfect, but it is home. Our home.” – Brooke Hollar

“Everything you do, do with the utmost conviction and passion. I can’t wait to see the success of our future graduating sisters, including my Little!” – Jacqueline Hogg


“Never be afraid to find yourself and be that person. You’re given one life to embrace. Make sure you’re happy with your daily choices and the goals you have set forth. Always be true to yourself when you accomplish those goals. If you can find yourself, then your life with be one filled with contentment.” – D Hall

“Never compromise your physical or mental health in your four years here. That always comes first. There’s nothing wrong with not making straight A’s. Remember what you’re feeling — being overwhelmed, scared, nervous, and stressed.. so many have felt this before you. You aren’t alone. Lean on the people the lift you up when you are down.” – Carly Caldwell

“Salem provides many opportunities for student to grow academically and professionally. The years go by fast so don’t leave what you can do today for another day. Go ahead and start getting involved, join a club and become a leader! Take advantage of the opportunities but most importantly enjoy every moment you can!” – Angelica Leonides

“Try to get several senior thesis topic ideas during Jan Term instead of waiting until Spring Semester.” – Erica Dixon

“My advice to my littles is to make college as fun as possible. There will be nights when you stay up until 2 a.m. crying and trying to finish assignments that you should have started weeks ago, but try your best to take time out of your busy lives to enjoy not only each other but the world around you. College is hard and college is scary but the uncertainty of what happens after college is a different kind of scary.” – Haley Mills

“Always spoil your Little (It’s fun and it makes them feel really special.). Buy a calendar and write everything in it. That way you always know what assignments are due when and you can plan for any activities/work you want to fit in around school. Enjoy college. Sure, sometimes the food sucks, you’re tired, and you’ve got a lot of homework, but these four years go by faster than you realize. Take your time and live completely in every moment, good or bad. Smile.” – Rebekah Hensley

Photo courtesy of Shilad Shen.

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