Students Showcase Art Downtown

By Alex Benson

    At last month’s board meeting for Associated Artists, Professor Cynthia Marvin proposed that the arts organization allow their exhibition space to be used for a show led by her Museums & Galleries class. After receiving approval from the board, Marvin was able to design a unique final project for her students.
    The Arts Management class was in charge of planning and executing an exhibit at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts. Their marketing team of three students (Nicole Keyser, Megan Hucks, Tiansong Zhou)  released a “Call for Art” and advertised the event around Salem College asking for students, faculty, and staff members to come by the FAC lobby and submit their work. Artwork of all media was welcome, including both 2-D and 3-D pieces. Although space was limited, installation pieces were also accepted.
    And the entry cost?
    As a feature of the show, artists are allowed to price their artwork and sell it during the showcase. During the exhibit’s run, a percentage of the sales made will go directly to Ruff Love Animal Rescue – a local non-profit with a mission to rescue dogs from shelters with a high-kill rate. Although the show only ran for two hours, eight pieces of work were sold and a significant amount of money was raised for the group’s chosen charity.
    This final project is truly an exercise to the students’ museology skills taught by Marvin. Before the show’s reception on Sunday, April 24 at 6 pm, students spent hours designing the layout and hanging the artwork. With help from one of the hanging coordinators at Associated Artists, the team learned how to quickly format and hang a show themselves. After planning and hanging their first show, the students of Marvin’s class were able to watch their show come to life at the Milton Rhodes Center for Art.

Location: Milton Rhodes Center
Date: April 24, 2016

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