Salem Student Balances Business, Schoolwork and Life Itself

By Shea Bove

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.07.52 PM

Some of Pratt’s designs.

Decals, designs and monograms, oh my! Since this past summer, Erica Pratt has been up to her knees in t-shirt designs and sticker decals.

A current sophomore and full time student, Pratt is learning how to balance her schoolwork, her social life, and her newly found small business. Pratt titled her business Stick to It Designs, and the name fits the business of designing custom vinyl decals for clothes, cars, cups, key chains, and phone cases.

“One of my favorite things is being out to eat, or in the store and seeing someone with a shirt I made,” says Pratt. “I get a lot of support from my community at home, and it makes it so much more rewarding when people share my name and talk about how much they love their things.”

Through the positive responses from her friends, family and her community, Pratt has gained the support she needs to keep her up her motivation to stay on top of her schoolwork as well as her business inquiries. Pratt faced difficulties transferring back into the school environment, while still trying to manage her business. Through trial and error, Pratt has discovered the best system for her in order to put forth the effort needed into every aspect of her life. Her normal week consists of schoolwork, designing new ideas and taking personal requests. Once the weekend hits, she zones in on completing all of the orders she received during the week.

Pratt believes that running her own business has taught her the most about time management. She has learned how to use certain software to create designs and manage her business that she never believed she would have the capability of using before she began this process.

Looking to the future, Pratt hopes to open a boutique featuring similar items and designs she is currently producing. She often discussed how she would like to own her own business, yet she did not think it would actually happen. She pays tribute to the community that has supported her and helped make her business dream a reality.

“I am only at the beginning of the business world and I am still learning, but my community and the Salem community has supported me since the start, and I truly appreciate everyone that has helped me along the way,” shares Pratt.


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