RiverRun Returns!

By Alexandra Benson

The eighteenth annual RiverRun International Film Festival is returning to the city from April 7-17. This ten-day long festival showcases films from independent, international, and student filmmakers.

Screenings of this year’s films will take place in downtown Winston-Salem, UNC School of the Arts, and the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA).   

Founded in 1998 as a nonprofit cultural organization, RiverRun has transformed into one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Along with a variety of feature-length and short films from every genre, RiverRun also hosts celebrity tributes, family matinees and panel discussions.  

RiverRun’s Film Festival is heavily volunteer-led and relies on its volunteers to help run events and get the word out about screenings.

Caroline McMahon, sophomore at Salem College, is a Student Ambassador for the festival and believes “that it’s important to build a connection with RiverRun. Since both are located in Winston-Salem, it’s important for us to cross-over more than we do”.

McMahon is a strong film advocate and helps advertise for RiverRun through social media outreach.  

This year’s lineup of 165 films is a great way for students across town to participate and engage in the film community. Salem students should definitely take advantage of the film screenings, panel discussions, and opportunities that come with RiverRun International Film Festival.

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