I’ll Be Brief: February World News Shorts

By Nicole Winks

Marco Rubio ad mistakes Canada’s Vancouver for US city

Marco Rubio released a new advert for his campaign that promised a return to “morning in America,” however the city that the sun is rising above is the Canadian city of Vancouver.  It was meant to be similar to the Reagan campaign advert from 1984, but it fell flat by using a city skyline that is not in the US.  Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have made similar mistakes in adverts.

Questions over number of missing indigenous women in Canada

According to current information from the Canadian government, the number of missing or murdered indigenous women since 1980 has been around 4,000.  However, a national inquiry was yet to be launched until now.  In December of 2015, a man was charged with the murder of an indigenous woman found dead in a river.  This is consistent with the investigation done by BBC in April in which it was discovered that dozens of aboriginal women disappear each year and are found in rivers.

Italian student’s death puts Egyptian abuses back on agenda

The recent death of an Italian graduate student named Giulio Regeni in Cairo has led to new concerns about the human rights situation that exists in Egypt.  Regeni disappeared on the fifth anniversary of the start of the mass protests that occurred five years ago and his body was found a week later on a roadside with clear indications of torture on the body.  Egypt’s official media has denied the rumors that there was police involvement in the death of Regeni.

Zika virus: WHO backs GM mosquito trials

WHO or the World Health Organization has recently approved trials to be done in Latin America in order to test genetically modified mosquitoes to be used in the fight against the Zika virus that has been most prevalent in Brazil.  They plan to eradicate the mosquito population through releasing sterilized male mosquitoes to mate with the wild female mosquitoes.  There have been many environmental issues that have been brought up to counter this idea.

Russia rejects Syria war crimes claim over hospital attack

Russia is rejecting the accusation of war crimes stemming from the bombing of the hospitals in Syria.  On February 8, around fifty people were killed in missile attacks on at least four hospitals and a school in northern Syria.  On Wednesday, February 17, there will be aid deliveries allowed into Syria.

Bangkok Erawan shrine bomb: Uighur suspects plead not guilty

Two ethnic Uighur Chinese men who are suspects in the bombing of the Erawan shrine in Bangkok that killed twenty people on August 17, plead guilty to the charges in their first court appearance.  The charges that the two suspects, Yusufu Mieraili and Adem Karadag, face are murder and possessing explosives.  The lawyer of Karadag alleges that the confessions of the two suspects were coerced through torture.

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