Sexy Suzy: The G-Spot

Hello Dears,

There is one thing we definitively know about the vagina—we don’t know enough about the vagina. I’m not just saying on a personal level either. Scientists, gynecologists, and sexologists all disagree even over the make-up of the vagina. Sure, we know how things like menstruation and pregnancy work, but much is left unknown about the relationship between the vagina and sexuality. MRI’s weren’t used to study the internal structures of the clitoris until the 1990’s (it is much more than just the glans we see on the outside)! Today we’ll struggle with one of the biggest debates in sexology: the existence of the Gräfenberg spot, or “g spot” for short.

Named for German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who first “discovered” the existence of the g spot in the 1950s through his research into female ejaculation, discussion of this anatomical mystery was not popularized until the publication of Perry and Whipple’s the G Spot: And Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality in the 1980s. The g spot took on a cult like appeal at that time and was lauded as a sort of magic button for vaginal orgasms and female ejaculation. While further research is needed, it is most likely that the g spot is part of a larger “clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex” which can sometimes be stimulated through the upper portion of the vaginal wall. If you don’t experience intense pleasure from your g spot, or haven’t been able to find it at this point, don’t worry, you are not broken. The g spot is so elusive that even some researchers even claim its existence is a myth.

The g spot is typically reported to be located 2-3 inches up the front wall of the vagina. It is easiest to reach it by making sure you are properly aroused, and reaching your middle finger in, palm up, until you feel a portion of the vaginal wall that feels like a walnut or the roof of your mouth. Play around to see what you prefer, try different motions and varying amounts of pressure. Don’t expect to have exactly the same experience you’ve heard about from other people or read about on the internet, g spot stimulation feels different for every person, and the techniques some people enjoy aren’t as enjoyable for others. If you choose to go exploring make sure your ultimate goal is to have fun and get to know your own vagina a little better. Even if science is still out on whether or not a distinct g spot exists, it can still be a fun experiment to search for on your own!

Sexy Suzy

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