Salem Students Marching…into a Frat

By Emily Ramser

    Several students at Salem are joining a Wake Forest University fraternity.

    The fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi or KKPsi is a national fraternity that focuses on musicianship, leadership and service within the collegiate band movement. Wake Forest University’s branch, Kappa Zeta, was chartered 20 years ago in 1996. Candidacy in the fraternity is open to all anyone who is involved with Wake Forest University’s band and colorguard.

    First years Georgette Hamlett and Gracie Hilber are both going through the candidacy program to become full members of the fraternity.

    Hilber and Hamlett each chose to join the fraternity for different, but similar reasons.

    “Because of the brotherhood. Being part of colorguard, I always felt sort of separated from the other band members. KKPsi is incredibly inclusive and supportive of everyone, candidate or brother,” says Hamlett.  

    Hilber’s reasons focused more on wanting to give back to the community, but she still joined somewhat because of the sense of community that the fraternity offers.

    “I wanted to become a candidate of KKPsi because I held a similar position in my high school band, Head Secretary, and greatly enjoyed the feeling of being able to give back to an organization that was such a big part of my life then and now. Also, most of my close friends in band are part of the fraternity- so that doesn’t hurt,” says Hilber.

    The two will know in April if they are to become full members of KKPsi. They are currently pursuing full membership by completing a series of tasks that show their dedication to the fraternity and the university’s band.

    “As a candidate for full membership, being part of KKPsi so far has involved writing essays, memorizing the history and goals of the organization, interviewing my fellow Brothers, attending social outings, and even a sleepover,” says Hilber.

     Junior Allie Leight and first-year Abigail Rich are also pursuing full time membership in the Kappa Zeta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. 

    Hamlett says that the hardest part of the process is the dedication that everything requires.

    “It’s a lot of time to dedicate to and none of it should be taken lightly, but it really is worth it.” said Hamlett.

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