A Literary Journal for Women’s Colleges

By Emily Ramser
Image courtesy of Voices & Visions 

Women’s Education Worldwide (WEW) is encouraging students of women’s colleges to write and be published.

   WEW is an organization that strives to assist women’s colleges through the sharing of best practices and data between women’s colleges while also advocating for the education of women worldwide.

   In 2012, WEW created Voices & Visions, a literary journal that is dedicated to the creative work of female students at women’s colleges. The journal is currently run by the Kahn Institute of Smith College. The 2015 editors of Voices & Visions are Chris Murray and Michalea Chinn, both students of Smith College.

   Those interested in submitting to the journal are encouraged to check out their website. The journal accepts work in numerous disciplines by both female undergraduate and graduate students at women’s colleges around the world.

   “We accept poetry, essays, short-stories, art of any kind (as long as it can be sent to us in a pdf format) and whatever else you would like to submit,” said Murray. However, Voices & Visions does not publish anything that is intentionally discriminatory or offensive, such as works that include racist or sexist sentiments.

   Those interested in submitting somewhere closer to home should contact Incunabula, Salem’s literary journal, at salemlitmag@gmail.edu. Additionally, the Center for Women Writers frequently provides students with publishing opportunities through their connections with various literary journals worldwide. Their bulletin board, located on the second floor of Main Hall, is covered in flyers asking for submissions. Email cww@salem.edu for more information.

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