November Student Spotlight

By Lesly Luna
Photo by Lesly Luna

Name: Alanna Natanson

Graduation Year: 2018

Major(s): History and Biology

Hometown: Takoma Park, Maryland

Student Activities: Orientation Leader, Fremdendienerin, History Club Historian, C’2018 Secretary

Why Salem: I ran across Salem by searching online for Women’s colleges in the south. Salem caught my attention immediately because it is very intimate and everyone you meet here genuinely wants to see you grow as an person; that is exactly what I was looking for in a college. The reason I looked to attend a women’s college specifically is because the kind of students and faculty residing are generally invested in seeing students not within a classroom context but each as individuals in a classroom, and as family as a school population.

Major decision: I chose History and Biology as my majors because it is what I most enjoy. I’m still unsure about my exact career track but don’t get me wrong, my dream job will always be a taste tester for Ben & Jerry’s.

Salem met expectations: Salem definitely met expectations. It’s mostly by the little things, but also because the academic opportunities here are right for me. Professors are here to help you by making us better people. The love and support is evident in every classroom, conversation, and even fall fest song.

Campus spot: That one chair South of Clewell Patio, but you probably knew that by now.

On sisterhood: To me sisterhood is greeting even unfamiliar students in the refectory, midnight Cook Out runs, being able to help and listen, but most of all to unconditionally encourage each other.

Memorable moments: This is sort of embarrassing but last year I mistakenly turned on the wrong stovetop burner while attempting to boil water for tea. The pan the burner was on was smoky unfortunately so the smoke eventually set off the fire alarm. My entire hall had to evacuate that cold and humid night, and to my surprise and relief, everyone laughed it off and was very supportive; not one person was angry at the first-year.

On a lighter note, I also always enjoy singing the Alma Mater during SGA, specifically being a part of and hearing the chilling effect of the last word sung in unison fading to complete silence, it sounds really cool.

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