November Fashion Spotlight

By Monique Ahmad
Photos by Monique Ahmad

Student Name: Emily Gandhi

Hometown: New Jersey

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Dance

    Emily Gandhi is a Sophomore transfer student from UNCSA. While at our neighboring school, Gandhi’s educational focus was in contemporary dance, but she quickly realized that her interests were expanding. Taking into account that she wanted to stay in the Winston-Salem area, Gandhi was soon drawn to Salem College. The greatest attraction Gandhi has to Salem is the immense diversity in the student body and faculty. She finds the dedication to education of the students and staff to be quite refreshing. Knowing that Salem is an absolutely gorgeous campus, Gandhi treasures her walk on Cedar Avenue every morning at 8:30 am to class. The greenery, morning dew, and tranquility of the walkway provide a stimulating start to her day.

    Gandhi has a distinct style, but the cause for the way she dresses is even more interesting. She admittedly goes to sleep every night not knowing what she will wear the next day. In the morning, her emotions are what drive her to select an outfit.

    Because she believes that “how you dress is how you act,” Gandhi wears clothes that express how she feels that very day.

    According to Gandhi, clothing is not just something you wear, but rather an art form that expresses what is on the inside of a person. For this reason, Gandhi does not necessarily care to follow the current trends. In fact, in Gandhi’s opinion, popular fashion trends are too restrictive and do not allow people to express themselves.

    Keep a look out for Gandhi and her ever-changing style, and also think about how you dress. Does what you wear express how you feel on the inside?   

November Fashion Spotlight. Photo by Monique Ahmad

One thought on “November Fashion Spotlight

  1. Joyce Bleakley

    I do believe you are what you wear. It certainly makes a difference in how you feel and how you are treated by others. I also think you teach people how to treat you. Emily you have come a long way maturing your thinking and attitude.


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