Vagina Monologues Auditions

By Emily Ramser

Auditions for 2016 The Vagina Monologues will be held in Huber Theater at 8 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 8.

     The Vagina Monologues, often referred to as “Vag Mon,” is an episodic play written by Eve Ensler. The play, first performed in 1999 at HERE Arts Center in New York, is composed of various monologues by women that focus on matters such as sex, menstruation, birth, and female genital mutilation. The Vagina Monologues attempts to open up dialogue about subjects regarding the vagina that are not frequently talked about.

“Vag Mon is a chance for people to find a voice,” said director Emily “Gil” Gilmore C’16.

This year’s auditions are run by directors Gilmore and Nicole Dennis C’16 along with fundraising co-chairs Brooke Medina C’16 and Emily Ramser C’17. Gilmore and Dennis are replacing last year’s directors Yanadira Mendez C ‘15 and Starr Green C’15, while Ramser and Medina are taking on Gilmore and Dennis’s roles from the previous year.

Gilmore encourages people of all acting experience to audition.

“Everyone should audition because it’s an opportunity to help remove the stigma that is place on the vagina,” said Gilmore.

     The Vagina Monologues is tentatively scheduled to occur the third weekend of February. Those interested in participating should attend auditions or email the directors at and

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