The Odyssey Begins at Salem

By Sarah Vick

November 2, 2015, Winston-Salem, NC– Salem College is launching a branch of The Odyssey.

First-year Merritt Enright was interested in writing for The Odyssey, but noticed that Salem College was not listed as one of the publication’s affiliated colleges. Undeterred, she reached out to the site’s officials. Today, she spoke over the phone with a regional manager from Atlanta, Ga. to successfully put Salem College on the map of The Odyssey.

The launch date for Salem College’s new branch is Monday, November 9 by which time Enright must hire a full staff. Positions wanted include a minimum of 12 writers, a contributing editor,  social media director, and  photographer. Each writer must submit at least one article by the deadline for a minimum of 12 articles ready for publication on November 9.

All Salem students are encouraged to apply at

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