Incunabula Introduces New Logo

By Emily Ramser

    At the most recent Open Mic Night on Oct. 16., senior art major Sara Tolbert was revealed to be the winner of Incunabula’s logo contest.

    Tolbert remarked that she was both nervous and excited about entering the contest.

    “I felt great. I am glad to leave something before I leave,” Tolbert said when asked how she felt upon hearing her name announced as the winner.

    Tolbert got her inspiration for her design from many sources, such as the definition of Incunabula’s name.

    “I had many inspirations for the logo. One of them was the definition of Incunabula, which states an early printed book, especially one printed before 1502. The other was a certain pen model called Zebra F-301, which is my favorite pen and was used to sketch out the designs,” said Tolbert.

    The logos were voted upon by Incunabula’s staff. Incunabula’s art editors were the ones who looked at the contest entries most closely.

    “I thought it was very balanced looking overall, it was simple yet aesthetically pleasing,” said sophomore Anastasia Menachem, Incunabula’s Assistant Art Editor. Junior Amanda Blount, Incunabula’s Art Editor, also remarked that she voted for the design because she found it to be the most aesthetically pleasing out of all submissions.

    The contest received a total of eight entries from student artists. As winner of the contest, Tolbert will receive a $10.00 gift card to Camino Bakery and an Incunabula t-shirt with her logo on it.

    Incunabula is currently hosting a vocabulary contest on their Facebook page. In order to enter, comment on their status with your favorite word and why you like it. The winner will be picked based on who provides the best reasoning for why they like their favorite word and will receive a $5.00 giftcard to Camino Bakery.

Editor-in-Chief Emily Ramser, C’17, congratulates Tolbert. Photo by Amanda Blount.

Editor-in-Chief Emily Ramser, C’17, congratulates Tolbert.
Photo by Amanda Blount.

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