Student Spotlight: September 2015

Student: Maggie Sharp
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminal Studies
Hometown: Fort Mill, South Carolina
Student Activities: Head Resident Assistant, Fremdendienerin Co-Chair

Why Salem: I fell in love with Salem because of the small size of the school. I like being able to walk around campus and recognize familiar faces. I didn’t grow up with any sisters, and now I feel confident telling people that I have 800 sisters.

On sisterhood: I like how I don’t have to talk to you every day but our school stands together because of the common bond of Salem.

Campus spot: The archway in front of the RG house. My indoor favorite place is the library collaboratorium.

Major decision: I have always been fascinated by people. I am interested in why they do what they do and how they are shaped and react to their environment as a result of their personal experiences; psychology was the right fit for me.

Favorite tradition: Fall Fest is definitely my favorite tradition. I love having a mid-week day off, and it’s fun to compete while embracing sisterhood. The entire event is cheesy and awesome, and I’ve looked forward to “wake up” as a senior and spoiling my littles.

Memorable moments: I wouldn’t say I have a top moment but a few, and they are significant because I shared them with my friends. Some of which are snow days, getting my littles, opening my McHugh suite for the first time with Sarah and Syd, the impromptu snowball fight with public safety, and walking in Hanes earlier this year wearing my cap and gown for the first time.

Support system: My two roommates, Sarah and Sydney, have been with me since first year, I can’t imagine going through college without them. I came to college to find my bridesmaids not a husband, and this summer they will be standing with me at the altar. They have been with me one-hundred percent of the time: the good, the ugly. Kelli and Britani are also the best littles I could ever ask for. Like I said, I didn’t have sisters but if I did I wished they would be just like them: wild, fun, and silly. Now that I’ll be in graduate school, it’s going to be hard not being with them but I have faith they will pick the best grand-littles as the newest additions to the family.

Salem met expectations: Salem was not what I expected but looking back I am confident in saying it was everything I needed. It has exposed me to amazing things and has helped me grow more that I possibly would at any other institution. Senior year has been a bittersweet time so far but I’m glad I can look back at all of the fun memories I’ve had here at Salem.

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