Model Behavior: Salem Student Involved in Fashion Week

By Emily Ramser

    Winston-Salem Fashion Week (WSFW) opens its doors the third weekend of September to all kinds of fashion and charity with the help of Salem College and its students.

    Salem College hosts the fashion show in the Robert E Elberson Fine Arts Center  Sept. 19 through Sept. 20. Sophomore Emma Battle is a model in the program.

    “I saw an email about Fashion Week, and I thought it looked like a really great opportunity. I’ve never done anything like this, and I’m excited to be involved in something so important for our city,” said Battle.

    The program describes itself as providing “a unique opportunity” to up and coming designers and artisans that allows them to showcase their work to the Triad community.

    “The people planning Fashion Week are hoping for the event to bring a sense of artistic awareness to Winston-Salem and to strengthen local fashion businesses by giving them a chance to showcase their latest designs,” said Battle.

    The program also focuses on reaching out to the larger community through Project “UP!” a local organization that helps improve the lives of homeless women and women with children living in shelters. Its goal is to “launch homeless women living in shelters into self-sufficiency and empowerment.” Part of the fashion show’s proceeds are donated to the project.

    Those interested in becoming involved with WSFW next year should check out the program’s website or talk to Battle.


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