Gallery Hop: What is it?

By Claire Smithers
Photos by Claire Smithers

    It is that time of year again when returning college students get back into the rhythms of Winston-Salem traditions. The people of Winston-Salem gather in the heart of downtown every first Friday of the month while the city barricades off the Arts District for its monthly “gallery hop.” To returning students and native Winston-Salem citizens, the gallery hop is one of the easiest ways to admire the works of local artists. To newcomers and visitors, it is the perfect way to get a taste of some of the culture and art that the city has to offer.

    Most people prefer to drive near Sixth St. and Trade St. and walk, but fortunately for Salem College students, downtown is within walking distance. By following the sound of live music, you can find yourself walking down the middle of the road exploring all that the gallery hop has to offer.

    One of the main features of the gallery hop is, of course, the galleries. There are several galleries that feature a variety of different artists and styles of art. The gallery hop is a wonderful resource for local artists to make a name for themselves while also creating opportunities to sell their works. They have the unique opportunity to display their work to a crowd while also being able to personally engage with the people interested in their art. Artists can interact and create personal connections that are difficult in the industry of fine art.

    Another charming component of the gallery hop is the live music. While there was some rain before this previous gallery hop started, which forced the bands to cancel their shows, there will definitely be plenty of live music in the upcoming gallery hops.

    The gallery hop is a great place for artists of all kinds from music artists to the fine arts in sculpture and painting. If you missed the last gallery hop, be sure to catch the next one; they are always on the first Friday of every month.

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