Club Constitutions: Where Did They Go?

By Emily Ramser
Photo by Lesly Luna

    This school year began with new regulations, as Director of Student Activities Emily Long and SGA required an overhaul of all SGA funded clubs’ constitutions.

    In order to access their accounts, each club is now required to supply Emily Long with at least a digital copy of their constitution. This stipulation was announced at the Club Officers Meeting on Sept. 1 at 4:30 p.m. This meeting involved club officers funded by SGA as well as those who do not receive SGA funding.

    At the meeting, it was announced that in order to be a “Registered Student Organization” clubs were required to obey a list of rules and stipulations laid out in a new publication entitled “Student Organization Manual 2015-2016.” Some of these rules include the completion of risk management training, maintaining “at least six active members each semester,” and scheduling all events at least four weeks in advance.

    Many organizations at the meeting expressed concern over these new regulations, particularly the requirement of a new copy of the constitution. Many of these clubs did not have access to their own constitutions, as they expected SGA to have their old copies. However, SGA could not locate several club constitutions.

    Megan Cook, C’16 and SGA president, suggested constitutions may have been misplaced when several clubs moved their assets to the student center last year. She was not sure, however; of what happened to the SGA’s collection of constitutions during the transfer of SGA over to the current board.

    In order to allow SGA access to the constitutions of SGA funded clubs, clubs were required to present their constitutions at the Sept. meeting of the Legislative Board. There is now a comprehensive collection of all constitutions of all registered student organizations on campus.

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