Bangkok Bombing on Erawan Shrine and Aftermath

Erawan Shrine on the day of it’s re-opening after the bombing (19 August 2015).  Credit to BBC World News.

By Nicole Winks

    On Aug. 17, the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand experienced two explosions caused by pipe bombs that exploded around 7 p.m. while a large amount of visitors were in the shrine to give offerings or to watch the traditional Thai dancers. The Erawan Shrine, dedicated to the Hindu god Brahma, is a popular destination for foreign tourists, Buddhists, and Hindu and Sikh members of Thailand’s Indian community, as explained by CNN. The victim count for this explosion is 20 dead and approximately 120 injured, according to BBC News. Of the dead, seven came from other Asian countries and one was a British citizen. The police immediately ruled out the prospect of the bombings being committed by separatists and outside terrorists.

    The prime suspect was a not a Thailand native and was wearing a yellow shirt, had thick glasses, and was caught on the CCTV footage of the blast. He has not yet been found. However, the police has arrested two other suspects. The first of the two suspects had material in his apartment that was similar to the materials that were used for the bombs that detonated at the shrine. He is believed to be a part of the same network as the prime suspect. The second suspect in connection to the bombings was arrested on Sept. 1 as indicated by police reports and CNN reporters, Saeed Ahmed and Peter Burn. He was arrested while trying to illegally cross the Thailand border into Cambodia. He is a foreigner who speaks English. This man is connected to the bombings and the police believe him to be “very important.” His connection to the prime suspect is still unknown.

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