Fall Pep Talk

Photo by flicker user mrhayata

By Eva Andrews

    School work is picking up and the haze of summertime is finally starting to disappear. This is the time of year many students begin to find their workload overwhelming. If that’s the case, seek out people like Mrs. Ida Turner Davis in the writing center and even talk to your advisor about a four-year plan. It’s best to get started early, so you’re not drowning in work later.

    You should make a general plan for your days, weeks, and months before those ominous mid-term exams and group projects start to take over. Don’t stress about making the perfect schedule—it will never be perfect. Just have an idea about how you want your school year to go and plan accordingly. This school year probably won’t be free from stress, but if you plan properly you can manage your schedule and your stress in a healthy way.

    Do not set unrealistic goals for yourself. Discover what works for you and stick to it. If you’re having trouble finding motivation to accomplish tasks, make a list of your priorities. Setting specific goals for yourself makes you more likely to be productive and complete your assignments in a timely manner.

    Don’t give up at the first sign of trouble in the semester. Whether you’re a traditional first year adjusting to dorm life or a Fleer student managing a career and household, everyone has their own unique set of obstacles to overcome. Remember that you’re here for a reason; Salem students are strong and capable of anything.

    It’s a climb for us all, so pull on your Chacos and face your mountain of assignments, projects and tests with fearlessness. Stay thirsty for knowledge and always do your best, Salem students!

Photo by flicker user mrhayat, used under creative commons guidelines. 

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