Spring Break Crafting

Midterms are approaching, but luckily, that means Spring Break is just around the corner! In the next couple of weeks, many Salem women will be wishing their cares away, whether that means relaxing by a beach or by a pool, visiting friends and family, or catching up on Netflix. Since The Salemite wants you to have the best break ever, here is a springtime craft idea from MasonJarCraftsLove.com to keep your mind and crafty senses active during all your free time.

DIY Painted and Distressed Springtime Mason Jars

Materials: A mason jar (or a few, depending on how many you’d like to paint!), rubbing alcohol, acrylic paint (preferably springy colors!), 120 or 100 grit sandpaper, and clear acrylic sealer

  1. Clean Your Jars!

If you’re not using brand spanking new jars straight out of the case, then be sure to clean the outside of the jars thoroughly. Wipe down with rubbing alcohol and then wash with hot soapy water. Dry completely …

  1. Mix Your Paint (optional)

If you’re making an ombre set of jars, or you’d like to lighten paint you already have on hand, this step is for you! For my pink jars, I started with Americana brand acrylic paint in “Baby Pink” that I purchased for around $1.00 at the craft store, and then just added craft store acrylic white paint until I arrived at my desired color palette …

  1. Paint. Two Coats.

I start at the top, then turn the jars over and paint the bottom half. I give it a final brush stroke from top to bottom all the way around to even things out. Once dry to the touch, give them a second coat of paint.

  1. Let the Paint Dry. Overnight.masonjars

This is the hardest step. Because it involves patience. But you must wait. Let them dry overnight. The paint needs time to cure and adhere to the jar. If you don’t, you’ll be peeling the paint off in strips. Haste absolutely leads to waste on this project!

  1. Distress.

I start with 120 grit sandpaper and sand around the top threading and bottom first; then I sand the raised areas with 100 grit paper. I save the “Ball” logo for last and carefully remove the paint using an emery board. And, I must admit, that I also resort to using my fingernail to remove some paint from the logo as well.

  1. Seal. I finish it all off with two coats of clear sealer in either a Satin or Matte finish.

Have a wonderful Spring Break, and happy crafting!

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