Sexy Suzy (March 2015)

Hello Dears,sexy suzy

This past month, all the rage has resulted from the popular movie and book series titled: Fifty Shades of Grey. Let me start by stating that Bondage-Discipline-Sadism-Masochism, otherwise known as BDSM relationships are not inherently abusive. However, the BDSM relationship featured in the movie and book series Fifty Shades of Grey is abusive. By glorifying stalking, threats, isolation, manipulative techniques, and other forms of abuse, the story that follows the relationship between Mr. Grey and Anastasia riddled with signs of intimate partner violence. The film centers on a relationship that displays unhealthy domination in all aspects of it–not just in the bedroom. What is the appeal of this film? Initially, the appeal is the blatant sexual nature of it. However, the fact of the matter is that BDSM relationships are not inherently abusive. In fact, those who engage in BDSM practices stress the concept of consent and mutual pleasure. Instead, the author of the trilogy chose to romanticize an abusive relationship in which only one of the parties involved, Christian Grey, enjoys BDSM while the other party, Anastasia is clearly troubled by the practice of BDSM. I encourage all to research the true meaning of BDSM and most importantly to discuss the importance of healthy relationships amongst your fellow Salem Sisters.


Sexy Suzy

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